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Reestablishing balance between humans - nature in the Danube Delta using human potential in preserving and continuing social-cultural traditions that respect nature, which will develop into life-styles parallel with nature.

Lasting development of the region
Preparing the young generation to respect nature
Preservation and recovery of natural areas
Ecological and tourist direct inform

Elaboration of lasting development strategies
Courses of instruction and information
Printing of the informative materials
Creation of the Informational Center of Ecology and Tourism
Promotion of Ecotourism
Observation and quick intervention to recover natural balance
Protect species of endangered plants and animals
Noticing ecological and tourist activities
Revitalization of socio-cultural traditions
Collection of and leading of proper sources
Collaboration with other organizations in development of projects and programs

Respect for the living world
Equality of chances
Youth's enthusiasm


NAME: 'VOX DELTAE' Association
Place and birth date: The 9th of October 1997,Crisan-Tulcea
Address: Public House-Crisan-Tulcea
Area code: - 8826, Romania
Main activities:
-Create the organization image
-Select the new members and voluntaries
-Prepare members with participation of courses
-Main project is promotion of ecotourism
-Invite other leaders of N.P.O. to know us
-Cleaning and preservation actions of main Danube channel and smaller channels of Danube Delta
-Participation within the Tulcea Forum
-Participation within the N.P.O. National Forum
-Change Experience Project I.M.M.
-Exchange Youth project between France-Romania
-Exchange Youth project between Romania-France
-Participation in a Short study visit in Slovenia : 'Young people in remote areas'
-Participation in 'Meeting Conference about EVS' Glasgow, Scotland.



BUGET 2001 T.O.: 270,000,000 lei
Legal birth date: the 21st of April 1998 to Tulcea Court of Law

Authorization: 2294

Registered number: 72/954

Fiscal cod: 13713901/20th of February 2001

Bank account number: 437998 (Lei)
- 439168 (Euro)
to "Banca Agricola"S.A.

Contact Persons:

-Dragos Olaru -Telephone number - 0745 026 030; 0240 547 117
*e -mail ;
-Adrian Cacencu - Telephone number 0744 150 792 ;
-Petre Vasiliu - Telephone number 0744 957 148 ;
-Simiomov Cristian - Telephone number 0744 178 417 ;

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